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If you have been in business for at least 6 months and have a minimum of $15,000 per month in gross revenue, you are already pre-qualified for one of our business funding programs. The next step is to submit an application using the form on this page.
There’s no restriction on what you can you use the money for, although we recommend putting the funds towards income generating activities. Our customers usually use the funds for: purchasing inventory, payroll financing, equipment financing, marketing expenses or business expansion capital.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our minimum qualifications are: personal FICO credit score of 500, your business must be over 12 months old and you need to average a minimum $15,000 in gross monthly revenue over the last 3 months.
You do not need to provide any collateral when applying through Fundomate. We simply consider your business’ overall performance and cash flow. Our goal is to make the funding experience as seamless as possible and to build long standing relationships with the companies we fund.
Each application is considered based on your bank transactions, cash flow, and partially on your credit. Your actual rate is calculated based on our proprietary algorithm which takes into consideration several factors.
Depending on your eligibility, you will be able to keep the funds up to 18 months.
There are multiple options. Depending on your preferences, business type and setup, you can choose between: daily, weekly and monthly ACH payment options, lock box or credit card split payments.
Thanks to our quick and fully automated process, you are able to sign the contract and get funded as soon as the same day you apply. Based on our previous customers’ experience, the funds will reach your account within 24 hours.

We are not a loan provider. Rather, we match you with loan providers, banks, financial institutions and affiliates (collectively, “partners”) to give you, the consumer, an opportunity to get information about mortgage products and connect with licensed partners that may extend a mortgage product to you. All loan approval decisions and terms are determined by our partners at the time of your application with them, and there is no guarantee that you will be approved for a mortgage product or that you will qualify for the advertised rates. By completing the form or calling the number listed above, you will be directed to a partner that can discuss these mortgage opportunities with you.

Products and services are provided exclusively by our partners, and rates and terms are subject to change by the partners without warranty or notice. Not all offer the same products, rates, or options. We encourage you to shop around and explore all of your options. We are not affiliated with or endorsed by any government entity or agency.

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