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Whether it’s a new or used car, we can help get your next auto loan

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Six Tips for Getting the Best Auto Loan Rate

#1: Shop around before you go to the dealer.
Never assume the dealer will offer you the best rate, especially if your credit isn’t perfect. Compare interest rates from outside sources (including banks, credit unions, and online auto-loan companies) and get pre-approved for the best auto loan you can find before you head to the dealer. It doesn’t mean you can’t go with dealer financing if they’ve got a great offer — it just means you don’t have to depend on it.
#2: Know your credit score.
Your credit score is also the single most important factor in the interest rates you’ll be offered. Excellent credit means a better rate, and bad credit means a higher interest rate — if you can qualify at all. Basically, your credit score has a big impact on your loan rate, which in turn affects your monthly payment and what you shell out over the life of the loan.
#3: Sign up for a shorter loan term.
As with any other loan, you’ll pay less in the long run if you can compress your payments into a shorter period. It may seem like a longer term loan is ideal because of the lower monthly payments (who wouldn’t want to pay under $300 versus nearly double that?), but look farther beyond short-term satisfaction. Beware of dealers who try to sell you on a car by showing you how low your monthly payment can be. This tactic simply boosts their bottom line by diverting your attention from the purchase price, driving it higher along with your loan amount.
#4: Don’t pay for ‘extras’ with your loan.
It’s no secret that car dealers will inevitably offer you a bunch of “extras,” from extended warranties to upgrades like rust-proofing, fabric protection, and security systems. Most experts warn that purchasing these add-ons rarely makes sense. But rolling them into your loan makes even less sense — the interest means you’ll be paying even more for these extras in the long run.
#5: Exploit interest-rate discounts.
Many lenders will knock a little bit off your rate if you sign up for automatic payments or pay your bill online. Others may give you a discount if you have a previous banking relationship with them or you’re purchasing a specific type of car. Don’t assume you’ll be told of these potential savings — always ask.
#6: Consider 0% interest deals, but do your homework.
You’re not going to find a 0% interest rate offer at banks or credit unions, but you may find them offered at the dealership by your car manufacturer’s lender. It sounds too good to be true, but if you have excellent credit, you may be able to nab such a deal. However — and of course there’s a “however” with this deal — you may have to take a 0% interest deal instead of another promotion, like a $1,500 cash rebate. You’d have to do the math to figure out whether the 0% interest would save you more than $1,500 over the life of your loan, or whether you would be better off taking the rebate and using a low-interest loan on the reduced amount.
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