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We prepare our borrowers to become eligible for a mortgage with our HOME program. We are not your average brokers. Our goal is to help you not only qualify for your loan but stay in your home after purchasing.

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We mean it when we say “a better path to homeownership.” We provide and partner with notable companies to help with all aspects of the home buying process. So no matter where you are in the timeline of your home buying journey, we’ll be there to support your family and community.

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You have questions, and you’re not alone. However, asking questions shouldn’t cost you the most valuable asset you own… your data. Join our Facebook group and find questions & answers from hundreds of homebuyers and homeowners like yourself.

The world’s first Social Relocation App

We won’t just qualify you for a mortgage. We also ensure that when you are ready to move, you do so in the most stress-free & supportive way possible. We’ve teamed up with ReLo to ensure that you get the help you need to make your move as smooth as possible.

Rental Rewards as a Path to Home ownership

Hoof It, a loyalty program that allows you to earn digital deals on rent payments has teamed with Champion Lender. So if you are in your final year of leasing, we can turn your rent into a down payment reward through our exclusive arrangement!

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